Power of Ethical JAPAN

The concept of "Ethical Japan" that we advocate is filled with the Japanese spirit of cherishing everything and the environment. It symbolizes our desire to develop Japan's outstanding environmental technology, and goods and services in and outside Japan. Its aim is to achieve a sustainable "Ethical" global environment in collaboration with other countries over the worl


Achieve 'Ethical' with Japanese Technology:

In 2014, JAEB - Japan Agency for Environmental Business - was established aiming to realize a global sustainable environment, which is called ‘Ethical’. JAEB promotes sophisticated environmental technologies, products and services in Japan as well as internationally for the promotion of the global environment in cooperation with the world’s countries toward the achievement of our goal ‘Ethical’.

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Japan Agency for Environmental Business (JAEB) 【JAEB Secretariat】

2-29-24 Yoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Japan 158-0097



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